Bible Numerics Vs. Pagan Numerology


The difference between Bible numerics and numerology


Numbers take on multiple meanings just as words do. There is nothing inherently evil with the numbers thirteen, eighteen and six hundred and sixty-six just as theres nothing inherently holy with the number seven. For example, if a gunman shoots down thirteen people, obviously the evil lies within the murderer, not the number thirteen. The number thirteen has never orcharstated the death of anyone. Although you might be saying “duhhh” right now, many people will get caught up in the number itself rather than focusing on the pattern. Numbers are a tool used to detect patterns; but numbers don’t always guarantee a pattern. Just as computers and other machines work off pattern recognition the human mind develops off patterns. What helps us learn how to walk as humans? Patterns. What helps us learn numbers and language? Patterns. What helps us become skillful in any area? Making a pattern of practice.

In order to associate symbolism with a number there must be strong correlations between the number and the symbol but there must also be exceptions. The exceptions / ‘outliers’ support the rule because without the exceptions there would be no need of symbolism. If thirteen always surrounded evil with zero exceptions, then you would come to the logical conclusion that thirteen itself is evil. We of course know this isn’t true. Just because someone is born on the thirteenth day of the month doesn’t mean that person will grow up to be wicked and if your total is $6.66 at the grocery store that doesn’t mean you’re gonna get in a car crash on your way home. Numbers help us detect patterns but numbers do not dictate the patterns.

Understand the difference between this type of Bible study and pagan numerology. Many Christians will write the study of numbers in the Bible off as numerology and these same people couldn’t even tell you the definition of ‘numerology’. It’s as though these people think numbers come from the devil and anyone who’s intrigued with studying numbers is automatically an occultist. The devil is a counterfeiter and he counterfeits Gods word. The fourth book of the Bible is called ‘Numbers’ and all throughout the Bible God gives us the number of many different things. Just with the numbers 1-10 there’s over 5,000 mentions so to claim that the study of numbers within the Bible is numerology is to call God an occultist…which is blasphemy. definition for ‘numerology’: the study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one’s birth, to determine their supposed influence on one’s life, future, etc.

Merriam Dictonary defines ‘numerology’ as the study of the occult significance of numbers.

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